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Carolina Paixao


Carolina Paixão, 21 years, Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology - Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Psychological and Health Disorders with a huge desire to change the world . Winner of the Coimbra Innovation Days project, with a pioneering project in the field of Mental Health, which is currently being developed in the Explorer program. In 2018 I had the privilege of taking an intensive course at Imperial College London in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. I believe that we can change the world every day in every gesture we have, so that's why my soul is divided between entrepreneurship and volunteerism. Last summer I had the biggest adventure of my entire journey, 1 month in Africa on an adventure in which I tried to help the population of the most beautiful island of Soga. When I found myself, after all, it was this population that changed my life. Because every day is a great day to do something different and make a difference in someone's life!

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