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Liliana Catarina Alves Torres

Núcleo de Estudantes de Psicologia, Ciências da Educação e Serviço Social da AAC

Hello! My name is Liliana and I'm a natural dreamer with a big passion for the people. I'm a graduated Psychologist by the University of Coimbra and since that I became part of the Academy that I'm interested in the wide world of enterpreneurship and in how it can be sustainably in people's favor. For that reason, while I was in College, I was part of several actions related to civic intervention and Human Rights, having even worked with different age groups. I am a dedicated person who likes to learn something new every day. Nature and a good book are my favorite places and that's where I like to create projects and adventures. Also, whenever I can, I look for a different place to meet new cultures and challenge myself to find other people who, like me, aim to change the world one action at a time!

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