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Alexandre Ornelas

NEFLUC - Núcleo de Estudantes da Faculdade de Letras de Universidade de Coimbra

I completed my degree in 2017 in Geography with minor in Tourism Territories and Heritage. The area of ​​specialization was in Physical Geography at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra. I entered the Master's degree in Physical Geography, Environment and Spatial Planning in which I have developed various skills in the development of skills in cartography and application to physical geography in order to bridge absences that may exist in the environment and spatial planning. Participation in various scientific activities in projects aimed at society has allowed me to deepen my taste for research and application of scientific knowledge. In parallel I have presented a scientific article as author and co-author in an international congress and I have developed other articles to submit for publication. I have a great ability to integrate in multidisciplinary teams, besides presenting autonomy and critical spirit in all the tasks that I propose. I consider myself to be a responsible, committed, motivated, organized and willing to learn person, easily working alone in an organized manner or integrating new leadership groups that are entrepreneurial, proactive and resilient to the various obstacles that may arise. I am currently a Geographic Information System Operator, Cartographer and Drone Pilot at the 20th Century Interdisciple Research Center - CEIS20 and research fellow at URBiNAT Innovative and Inclusive Nature project, where additional training in physical and environmental geography will be acquired. , particularly in the context of sustainable and healthy urban spaces.

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