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MINI BRAIN: Psicologia Clínica - 1 realidade, 3 visões

19/02/20 21:00

The event compared the three most common approaches in Clinical Psychology (Cognitive-behavioral, Systemic and Dynamic), in the same clinical case. The goal was to enlighten students about the differences between these approaches. Thus, the panel was composed by a professional from each area and a moderator. Initially a clinical case was presented, then each professional explained how he would proceed if he were confronted with it, taking into account his area of specialization.

Centro Cultural D. Dinis, Coimbra


Gabriela Fonseca
Psicoterapia Sistémica e Familiar

Joana Becker
Psicopatologia e Psicoterapias Dinâmicas

Joana Marta-Simões
Intervenções Cognitivo-Comportamentais

Dra. Rosário Pinheiro


Centro Cultural D.Dinis