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Bioeconomy: For a sustainable future

04/05/20 00:00

Bioeconomy: for a sustainable future was a cycle of conferences on Bioeconomy. Bioeconomy is one of the most promising responses to the main challenges regarding the promotion of a sustainable development, establishing a crucial connection between entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals. The participants had the opportunity to attend a cycle of 9 conferences which provided them with a solid training in all branches of Bioeconomy, from its scientific component to the economic, social and environmental aspects. The conferences took place during May, every Monday and Friday, and were held using Zoom. The conferences included speakers from several countries, renowed in the national and internacional scenery of Bioeconomy, such as representatives of large national companies, a former student of the University of Coimbra who is currently an award-winning researcher in the USA, the Vice-President of the Research Institutes of Sweden and representatives of the European Commission and the World Health Organization.

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Gaya Gamhewage
Organização Mundial de Saúde

Roman Brenne
Comissão Europeia

Leonardo Ferreira
Universidade da California

Hélder Lopes
Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ex-assessor no Ministério das Finanças)

Marco Lucisano
Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Elsa João
Universidade de Strathclyde

Daniel Abegão
Centre for Food Education and Reseach (CFER)

Una Fitzgerald
Galway Neuroscience Centre

Ondina Afonso
SONAE MC / EuroCommerce